Tom Sindlinger

Tom Sindlinger

Economic Analyst, Former MLA


Olympic spirit YES - Olympic sized cost NO

Using money we donít have to pay for something we donít need


Alta Govt maxes out its credit card

Exceeds debt limit set by Municipal Government Act


Doubling Scholarships

Growth in scholarships lagged growth in endowment


Agriculture is worth nothing

Until it is transported to market


Paskapoo Conservation & Recreation Corridor

Presentation to Calgary Council


Calgary Olympic Plebiscite

Costs are underestimated

There is no money

We have to borrow

$15,972 per

You decide Plebiscite

Vancouver Olympics estimated $2 billion, actual $7.6 billion

Calgary and Alberta have maxed out their credit cards

Borrowing means debt and interest

Includes provincial and civic taxes

Date to be announced