Mountain vision of Canada

Embrace this Canadian Home.

Take it to your heart!


It is your home,

my home,

our home.


It is a home rich with

magnificent mountains,

wild horses,

and hunting hawks.


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Our home represents our values:

tolerance and respect,

rights and responsibilities.


We share these riches and values,

then leave a little of ourselves

for future generations,

just as those before

did for us.


Embrace this Canadian home,

take it to your heart!


And its riches and values

will make your heart...


strong like a mountain...

spirited like a horse...

and soar like a hawk!


Tom Sindlinger

Ukraine, 1994


Who needs a vision...

We do. Because government gets its vision from us.


If we do not have a vision for our country, neither does our government.

Our government needs a vision

Because a vision is a starting point for all laws and policies.

My vision of Canada...

Comes from being a Canadian living in Alberta.

And represents unity and stability [magnificent mountains]; heritage and environment [wild horses]; long range point of view [hunting hawks];

Esteems multiculturalism [tolerance and respect]; champions democracy [rights and responsibilities];

Treasures our land and holds it in trust for future generations [we share these riches and values]; and,

Strengthens our country [strong like a mountain]; inspires its citizens [spirited like a horse]; and, aspires to the future [soar like a hawk]!