Mountain Horse
My vision of Canada

Embrace this Canadian Home.

Take it to your heart!


It is your home,

my home,

our home.


It is a home rich with

magnificent mountains,

wild horses,

and hunting hawks.


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Our home represents our values:

tolerance and respect,

rights and responsibilities.


We share these riches and values,

then leave a little of ourselves

for future generations,

just as those before

did for us.


Embrace this Canadian home,

take it to your heart!


And its riches and values

will make your heart...


strong like a mountain...

spirited like a horse...

and soar like a hawk!


Tom Sindlinger

Ukraine, 1994


Mike Mountain Horse

Mike Mountain Horse was a scout and interpreter for the Royal North West Mounted police. During the First World War he served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, fighting at Vimy Ridge, Hill 70, Cambrai, and Amiens.

Wounded three different times, he once led a machine gun section of his battalion behind enemy defences. He was injured and buried alive when an enemy shell demolished their shelter. It was four days before he was discovered.

He was demobilized as an acting Sergeant and awarded a Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Mike Mountain Horse