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Tom Sindlinger is a Senior Economic Analyst with a focus on marketing and transportation of natural resources; and governance.

He has successfully completed 18 international projects in 12 countries for both private and public entities, such as the:

  • Canadian International Development Agency in Panama
  • National Democratic Institute in Washington
  • Petroleum Institute of Thailand in Bangkok
  • Canadian Superior Oil in Thailand
  • Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta
  • Canadian Executive Service Organization in Siberia

He served in the Alberta Legislative Assembly as an Independent Conservative supporting the patriation of the Constiution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He was a Select Committee Member for the Heritage Savings Trust Fund.

The Alberta and the Lethbridge Sports Halls of Fame inducted him in recognition of his Alberta and Canadian basketball championships.


He is a founding director and Secretary of Communities First Society.

On his 50th birthday, he ran 50 kilometers and is now training for 100 kilometers on his 100th



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Photo by Suzie Thompson


Former Member Alberta Legislature

"He has guts - the kind of moral courage so lacking in politics today"

Economic Analyst

"I like those people who are lively enough to talk, to live and to learn"

Senate Candidate

"A man whom Albertans would be proud to have serve them"

International Consultant

"Our appreciation for the good work you've done for ARI and Panama"


"Brought great credit to the sport and high respect for the individual"


"Embrace this Canadian home...and make your heart soar like a hawk..."

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