Apartheid – Canadian Style

Why Indian?  Because Indians insist on living under a Canadian law titled The Indian Act.

The Indian Act is a racist law.  It is archaic, condescending, and patronizing and keeps Canadians and Native-Canadians apart.  It is a legislated barrier that separates Indians from the modern world and obstructs full participation in its humanitarian benefits.  “The native people have suffered for 130 years under a federal government policy regime that has made them wards of the state”[1].

[1] Melvin H. Smith, Aboriginal Land Claims in British Columbia: Serious Concerns About the Nisga’a Deal, A Fraser Institute Occasional Paper, 1998.

“Melvin H. Smith, QC, spent 31 years in the public service of British Columbia … from 1967 until 1987 he was the ranking official on constitutional law and constitutional reform issues for four successive provincial administrations.  He was a key player in the patriation of the Constitution in 1981 and served as a Deputy Minister for 13 years in various ministries…. He is the author of the Canadian best-seller, Our Home or Native Land?

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