Apartheid – Canadian Style

Mike Mountain Horse
(1889 – 1964)

High, unequivocal praise for an admirable, courageous Indian compared to two extraordinary politicians. 

Mike mountain Horse earned this praise.  For others to achieve and earn similar praise, The Indian Act is an obstacle.

Why an Indian? Because Indian leaders insist on living under an archaic law titled The Indian Act.

The Indian Act is a racist law.

It is condescending and patronizing and keeps Canadians and native-Canadians apart. It is a legal barrier that separates Indians from the modern world and impedes them from full participation in its humanitarian benefits.

“The native people have suffered for 130 years under a federal government policy regime that has made them wards of the state”. (Melvin H. Smith, Aboriginal Land Claims in British Columbia: Serious Concerns About the Nisga’a Deal, a Fraser Institute Occasional Paper, 1998.

(“Melvin H. Smith QC, spent 31 years in the public service of British Columbia … from 1967 until 1987 he was the ranking official on constitutional law and constitutional reform issues for four successive provincial administrations. He was a key plyer in the patriation of the Constitution in 1981 and served as a Deputy Minister for 13 years in various ministries … He is the author of the Canadian best seller, Our Home or Native Land?)

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