Former MLA


Alberta Legislative Assembly
1979 - 82


• Member, Legislative Select Standing Committee, the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund


• Member of Caucus Committee on Economic Development


• Member, Board of Directors, Canadian Energy Research Institute

Sindlinger in Legislature

Sindlinger in Maclean's Magazine


54,393 student athletes have earned a total of $65,400,000 (1981 to 2014) from the Jimmy Condon Scholarships that Tom Sindlinger started while a committee Member on the Legislature's Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund

Here are a few media comments
about Tom when he was an MLA

Here are a few notes
MLAs sent Tom
when he spoke in the Legislature

Tom Sindlinger deserves a medal for moral courage…..he has guts—the kind of moral courage so lacking in politics today.


Don Braid
The Edmonton Journa



Those who know Sindlinger, know his subtle humor, as well as his honest approach to people…..[his] center on people and…..not individual achievements.


Gary Allison
Lethbridge Herald



One can only hope Tom Sindlinger will continue to speak out. He, at least, is doing so because he believes in Albertans and their future.


The Calgary Sun



I like Tom Sindlinger. I’ve never met the man, I’ve never talked to him—but I like him…..he was a refreshing politician—he said what he thought…..speaking his mind….saying what he honestly felt.


Jack Tennant
Calgary Sun


Sindlinger’s constituents in Calgary-Buffalo should take reassurance from the fact that they are represented by a member who is willing and able to do his own thinking on important issues and take a stand on what he believes.


Calgary Herald

The background build up through the Crow Rates right on through to the national unity conclusion, created an atmosphere of intense emotional listening in this Assembly. I have never seen a more rapt attention to any other MLA speech in the last eight years.


The stillness and calm in the Assembly tonight reflects the Members’ complete interest in your remarks. Your presentation and manner, no referral to notes (how do you do it?) indicates the mastery of your subject.


 A great presentation!..I would have thought you are a farmer.  That’s one of the best speeches I have heard in this assembly since I came.





Without question, no one else put more soul and heart and facts in a speech, or will!!


I am continually amazed at your ability to state a case eloquently and off the cuff.


That was phenomenally good—and all done without notes—I’m glad you brought it to the service of your constituents and of this parliament.


One of the best speeches I have listened to. In the spirit of John A and George Browne.


Maybe it’s because I’m a farmer, but I really enjoyed what you were saying.


That was very eloquent and moving. Just excellent!   I am honored to be your seat mate. Your speech came right from the heart and I am glad I was here to hear it.