Independent candidate for the Canadian Senate, Alberta election 2004 


Senator Elect 1998

The Senate election has become immediately more significant with your participation.


There is no one better for this job than you.

Tom with friend

Tom with friend and volunteer

Hello everyone……I hope to be talking to each one of you soon, but I want to let all of you, as a group, know how I feel about the Senate election.

First, the enthusiasm and support that many showed was inspiring. Please, if there is ever anything that I can do for you, I’ll be there.

1,888 Albertans notarized my nomination (only 1,500 signatures were required). Doing this without a political party organization, in just two weeks, was an incredible accomplishment   -   great job everyone!

161,082 Albertans voted for me. Not enough to win, but more than enough to make me very proud of our campaign.

In the end, it does not matter who won this unique and pioneering election. What matters is that we did the democratically right thing by participating; and, in doing so, we all win.

Thanks very much for your friendship and all that you did…….Tom


Calgary Businessman

I too have personal reservations about the Alberta Senatorial elections. I do, however, want to introduce a gentleman whom I believe may have you thinking twice. In my opinion, Tom Sindlinger is not only someone the Prime Minister would be honoured to appoint to the Upper Chamber, but also a man whom Albertans would be proud to have serve them. Please tell your friends and neighbours about Tom Sindlinger.


Professor Emeritus

The Health Care Bill of Rights and Responsibilities is a good idea. I haven't heard what any of the other Senate candidates would like to achieve if they are elected.


MRC Manager Atheletics

Tom Sindlinger is a Difference-Maker. His commitment to our community, province and country is admirable and he is just the type of person that we need to sit as a senator.

Calgary Father

When Tom speaks, he stands on facts and delivers honest opinion from the heart. He is intelligent, experienced, and dedicated.

Calgary Mother

I just got this email from a friend of mine. I met him last year when he fought very hard against school closures. So, I am sharing this nice news with you.

Rock band “Fivestaraffair”

I am voting for you and getting every single person I know to as well.

Business Owner

I believe Tom Sindlinger to be an honest and caring individual. I will consider myself fortunate to have him as my representative.